Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is this website an official government site?

No. This website was setup to help people prepare for the canadian citizenship test only and contains study material and practice questions.

2. How this website can help me pass the test first time?

The site contains official study materials and more than 600 practice questions. Read the "Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship" guide, which is available on the site and then attend our practice questions. Similar to the original test practice tests contain 20 questions and you will have 30 minuties to complete. You can practice these tests as many times as you like. They are 600 questions because we think these are the maximum possible questions from the study guide. Some other websites offer over 1000 questions, but they actually have only 300 and repeat them couple times.

3. Can I see my previous test results?

Yes, login to "my account" page, where you will see all your previous tests listed. Clicking on a test will show you the details, including the questions and answers.

4. What if I fail the real citizenship test?

If you happen to fail the citizenship test, you will be required to attend an interview of 30 minutes with a citizenship judge. The judge evaluates whether you have the necessary knowledge and language abilities to become a canadian citizen. If you do not pass the interview , you can appeal to the Federal Court or start from the beginning and apply to take the test again.

5. How much does it cost?

The "Practice Test Package" costs CAD $10.00 and the membership is for lifetime. You and your family will have unlimited access to the practice questions.

6. Is paying through PayPal secure?

Paypal uses lates technology and proprietary procedures to protect security of his members transactions. Once your information reaches PayPal, it resides on a server that is heavily guarded. PayPal servers sit behind an electronic firewall and are not directly connected to the internet, so your private information is available only to authorized computers.

7. Do I need PayPal account to pay online?

No, you don't need PayPal account. You can pay with your credit card via PayPal Secure payment system.

8. More questions?

If you have any other question please let us know. Our support team will answer your question within 24 hours.