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We are group of young and ambitious immigrants from Europe who created this website with only one purpose to help people like us pass their citizenship test first time. One of the final and most complicated steps in the current Canadian naturalization process is passing the citizenship test. Our training program is designed to help you efficiently memorize all the study guide information. All practice tests are based on official study guide “Discover Canada” contain twenty questions with four possible answers and 30 minutes timer. Also they are not set up by chapters, these tests are the closest variation of the real citizenship test you can find online. Questions such as “Which party is in power in Alberta?” or “Who is Member of Parliament from your electoral district" don’t exist on the real test. There is no provincial or territorial citizenship test, it is only one test with many different versions. According to the government of Canada, the failure rate of the Canadian citizenship test is about 30%. You need to ensure you have the right practice and understand well the test content.For best preparation read the study guide two times and then start practicing our tests.

Good Luck

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