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You have received the long-waited letter (invitation) for interview for Canadian citizenship test. Congratulations!

It means that you have about a month before the test itself, time sometimes insufficient to prepare well. During the exam you will receive a test containing 20 multiple choice questions with four possible answers each to which you should answer within 30 minutes. To pass the test you need to answer correctly to 80% of the questions, however there are questions about Federal Elections and Voting Procedures during an Election Period. Such questions must be answered correctly otherwise you will fail.

That’s why this website will be of great help if you want to pass the test from the first time. The questions in it are entirely based on the new study guide called "Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship". Our "Practice Test Package" gives you access to 30 tests, each containing 20 questions with exactly four possible answers. The questions were selected from across the study guide, just as in the test itself.

However there is something important that you might not know. The answers that you think are the correct ones should be marked on a separate sheet of paper answer sheet, where you must write your name, i.e. not on the test sheet itself. Such way of solving and exercising you will find only here and this is very important because very often people inadvertently make mistakes just because they must select the correct answer on another sheet of paper. That is why we have "Free Trial Test" to enable you get an idea of how to proceed with this test. Please also note that there are no questions such as "Who is the Premier of you province", "Who is the leader of a certain party" or "Who is Member of Parliament from your electoral district".

All the citizenship test questions are based on the information provided in the study guide.

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